Using Free VST Plug-ins w/ Blue Cat’s PatchWork

Warren shows how to use Free VST plug-ins in Pro Tools using Blue Cat’s PatchWork plug-in.

Blue Cat’s PatchWork –…

Acustica Red EQ – 5:41…

Audio Damage Rough Rider – 7:44 –

Vladg/sound Limiter No6 – 10:32…

Camel Audio CamelCrusher – 16:38 –

Shattered Glass Audio Code Red Free – 19:30…

  • L Scott Knight

    Blue Cat also has the MB7 mixer and I saw a neat video on frequency ducking using it. The MB7 also allows loading VSTs inside the plugin but has a frequency crossover in the pre-FX stage. This lets you apply FX to an isolated band(s) if you want. So what this guy did was use it to compress/duck the bass drum fundamental frequency from the bass line of his mix instead of ducking the whole bass line (guitar). Using an analyzer he determined the bass drum fundamental and the crossover frequency so the compressor on the bass line (or bass guitar) only compressed that frequency, while side chaining the bass drum to that compressor. This allowed the BD to cut through the bass without pumping the bass line.
    Of course, I’d like to find, make or have made a multiband compressor plugin that would allow you to select a spectrum analysis of the side chain under the band crossover display. (Does that make sense?)

    • Hi Scott, that’s fantastic I will have to check the Blue Cat MB7 mixer out! The idea of compression a signal in a frequency conscious way is very appealing in some cases, it would be a great tool! Used subtle it could be incredible, although abused it could create extremely loud and very flat sounding mixes! Definitely sounds like a great plug in, thanks for letting us know about it! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

  • Tom Harrison

    Acustica Red EQ – I could not download anything. I had to register an account giving them all kinds of personal information and then when I hit download, I get a message telling me something about that page not being there. I feel scammed. I can’t find anywhere on their site showing me how to delete this account.