Stock Plugins vs. Third Party Plugins | FAQ Friday


📗Read about Stock Plugins vs. Third Party Plugins:

🔴🔴Plugins Mentioned in Todays FAQ Friday:
Waves MV2:
Waves RBass:
Waves Abbey Road Collection:

➡️➡️We cover the following questions during this episode of FAQ Friday!
• What are your thoughts on and have you mixed a song completely with stock plugins? Do the High dollar plugins make that big of a difference? (1:05)
• How to best prepare and export tracks to send to a mixing engineer? (5:35)
• How would you describe or define warmth and how might it be different from low end? (11:00)
• Any Tips on the Thought process for a Hip Hop style record vs. a Rock approach we’re used to? (17:05)
• If I’m going to be high passing a source for example A guitar amp or vocal, Is it best to do it on the mic itself, on the Preamp or in the DAW? Can you introduce phase anomalies or other problems in doing it at more than one place? (20:55)

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