Stems vs Tracks What’s the Difference? | FAQ Friday

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➡️➡️Stems vs Tracks What’s the Difference?:

🗣️🗣️We cover the following questions during this episode of FAQ Friday!
• What is the difference between stems and tracks? (1:08)
• I’ve been hiring pros to record my album with me, we are in different countries recording at home studios or on the road. Deals are basically working out on facebook messenger and email. Do I need to be providing or requesting contracts? (5:33)
• How do you adapt your playing to suit the genre of the song you’re working on since you work in a myriad of styles. (15:08)
• When you hire someone to play, is it all done by ear? Do you write out the parts or is it something as simple as a lead sheet? (19:10)

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