Protecting your work until you get paid | FAQ Friday

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➡️➡️How to protect your work until you get paid:
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➡️➡️We cover the following questions during this episode of FAQ Friday!
• How do you protect a final mix that you’re sending to a client if you’re sending it before they pay you? (0:50)
• Is there a future for immersive sound if the public is graduating to single source devices that are voice controller? (3:40)
• To what extent are production techniques tied to the type or style of music? Would some techniques applied today sound right on songs recorded years ago? (6:56)
• Have you ever had to deal with a client whose vision for the song totally clashed with yours? (12:01)
• When you’re done with the project for a client what files do you provide for them as part f the final product? I know most provide stems but at the pro level, what are you usually asked to provide? (14:12)
• Do you have any music of your own available? You are an absolutely marvelous musician. (18:38)

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