Managing Ear Fatigue | FAQ Friday

Managing Ear Fatigue | FAQ Friday

Our featured question of the week is: When working with music full time, how do you manage ear fatigue?

That’s a very interesting question.

The way I manage it is by avoiding it at all costs. I’ve been doing streams inside of the academy where we listen to mixes, critique them and talk about the live with the community. It’s been really wonderful! The thing that works really well with that is that we can share information and talk in real time! My point is that I’m on there for two hours with headphones on so I have to turn the volume down and listen at lower levels and then crank it if necessary.

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• When you edit tracks as you did on the toms do you just leave them as is or print them to commit to the editing? 1:04
• When working with music full time, how do you manage ear fatigue? 3:29
• Is it a good idea to use master bus volume automation to control how hard the signal hits the compressor? 6:09
• In this new digital era with everyone listening to their music by streaming on computer speakers, earbuds, cell phones speakers how do we mix and master our music? Does the listener expect our songs to sound good on these devices? What point of reference do we go by to get the right compromising mix? 8:54
• Are all people in the academy doing this (semi) professional? Or are there, just like me, people with 40+ hour (unrelated to music) jobs that do this as a hobby and try to get this hobby to the next level (and maybe earn a few bucks with it in the end)? 13:32