Larry Crane, Founder of Tape Op: Interview


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Warren interviews Larry Crane, creator of Tape Op. They discuss his journey, the history of Tape Op, his recording studio Jackpot Records and all things music.

16 thoughts on “Larry Crane, Founder of Tape Op: Interview

  1. Martin Weeks says:

    Thanks for another inspiring video Warren. I wish you didn’t live all the way on the other side of the country. Relocating to LA most likely will not happen for us. Too many roadblocks right now to even consider. and Nashville’s to damn cold! 😛

  2. andi says:

    Hi Warren,

    Very interesting video again, thanks!!
    Larry Crane seems to be a great guy.
    It would be great if you could do an interview with Andy Hong. He recorded/mixed most of the
    albums from Geoff Farinas bands Karate, Exit Verse and Glorytellers (including Karates
    Unsolved and The bed is in the ocean which are masterpieces) and also with Chris Brokaw
    (from Dirtmusic, Come and Codeine) amongst many others.

    I must say that your interviews are a real pleasure to watch. Thanks for all the effort!



    1. Warren Huart says:

      Hi Andi, thanks very much! Yes I have a great time interviewing! Everyone I interview shares a huge passion and love for music! It’s very refreshing to know that! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

  3. 3rdstone says:

    I didn’t know TapeOp was free (?) Nice!
    Touched on some great topics here, sounds like he has a dream studio to work in, being that he was able to design parts is just icing on the cake.
    That said, I loved how you guys got off topic and started talking music that makes your hair stand on end.
    I’m a huge fan of Bob Ezrin, and I think he’d accept nothing less from whomever he worked with, that ‘high bar’ you speak of here.
    Floyd, on The Wall, Alice Cooper’s early stuff, etc. And his boys Wagner and Hunter? ..just wow… That Duo is my absolute favorite in guitar, hands down!
    Years ago, before I knew that it was actually them on all those tracks, I could pick that style and tone out anywhere, and used to think to myself: “Why is the guitar on (ex; Train kept a Rollin’) so much better than the other tracks” Later on I knew why, and it all clicked.

    I live about 8 miles away from where D. Wagner’s studio was back in the early /mid 90’s here in Michigan. One night he was scouting for talent and heard my band playing, he commented that me (bass) and our drummer where “tighter than tight” ..we got asked to session there, but were in the middle of already booked gigs way out of the area (and state) so it never happened, but boy do I wish it had …one of those lost opportunities… Grrr…oh well…
    The other fact that bands these days can’t come up like Floyd did, struck me as sad but true at first, but then I think it’s just a different avenue, with the internet etc.
    Matter of fact, after watching this video, I think I’m going record a few select bands free of charge if their music/performances “makes my hair stand on end” on the condition that they let everyone know who recorded it, and let me post snippets online as a reference to my work.
    Might be worth a shot, who knows…

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Hi there, did you now that Dick was a very good friend of mine? I just finished mixing his memorial concert! He was a huge influence on me as a guitarist, I loved ‘Rock and Roll Animal’! I recorded and mixed most of Aerosmith’s last album and it was a big deal for me to be able hear all of the great stories!! Plus now I’ve done 2 albums with Ace Frehley so I’m surrounded by greatness from the 70’s! I record and mix an artist who goes by the name ‘Bootstraps’ completely for free, because I’m a HUGE fan, so I agree some times you do what you love for free or cheap! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

      1. 3rdstone says:

        The guy was just an absolute monster on the guitar! The way he chose his notes and his phrasing alone, not to mention that TONE! Just incredible.. It’s great you got to be good friends, so much history there, (RIP). Dick along with Steve were hero’s to me as a fan of that certain ‘dangerous’ and over-the-top early/mid 70’s rock.
        Steve’s now writing monthly columns for GP mag, good for him, both of those guys were ‘unsung’ …being uncredited on all of those classic albums.

        There was to be a documentary called “Rock-n-Roll Animals” that never happened due to limited footage of them live, but the interviews and such, talk quite a bit about that hair-raising and on-edge playing that you can only get when ‘you’re there’ that place. OK, I’m getting off topic, but you know what I’m saying ( I think) haha.. I know you’re super busy, but if you get a chance:

        (1st vid ,but all of them are there)

        1. Warren Huart says:

          Agreed! Dick was also a sweetheart and a great songwriter! My friend Jack Douglas helped get Steve Hunter credited on a lot of those albums and he will be receiving worldwide performance royalties as a result! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

          1. 3rdstone says:

            God bless Jack for that, that’s awesome!
            And that’s great that you mixed Dick’s memorial concert.

          2. Warren Huart says:

            Thanks very much! Yes Bootstraps are fantastic! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

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