How to Prevent Cymbal Bleed | FAQ Friday


➡️➡️Questions covered in todays FAQ Friday:
• Where would be the best position to place a microphone for recording a solo Violin or a solo Cello when using an SM57? I’m Interested in knowing what the better microphones are to record them as well. (1:09)
• What would you do differently when micing an amp with the player sitting in the room and the player sitting outside of the room? (5:19)
• Have you ever done multi-velocity samples of your own studio drum kit? If so, are they available to purchase? (7:04)
• Looking forward to demoing your upcoming drum kit, Warren. Will this sample be a sample pack or a plugin itself? (8:01)
• When I record my drums I get a lot of cymbal bleed. What am I doing wrong? (8:29)
• If one is using just a VST drum kit based on samples, is there a way to bus it to a track and have that track imitate the overheads some way? (14:02)

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