How Much Low End is Too Much? | FAQ Friday


➡️➡️In This Episode We Answered These FAQ Friday Questions:
• So when does low end become too much low end? (0:30)
• Regarding Compression – It’s typical to compress a bass recording, what other circumstances would you prefer to see compression having been used on the way in as opposed to being done in the box. (5:45)
• What is your favourite compressor plugin and why? (8:35)
• On heavy prog material with lots of time changes would you automate compression settings or would you aim for a global setting?(11:22)
• At what sample rate do you set your interface for tracking? (12:48)
• How do you deal with low mid range? Trying to get rid of muddiness and not losing the power which this frequency contributes to the mix? (14:22)
• Does it make a difference if you EQ before or after reverb?(15:42)

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