How much does it cost to have a track mastered? | FAQ Friday

Price of mastering-1

➡️➡️Read about it here :
➡️➡️What is the cheapest you’ve paid to have a song mastered that returned a “good result”? let me know in the comments.

➡️➡️We cover the following questions during this episode:

• Blue headphones, How sturdy are they, especially that bendy part that connect the headphone to the band? (0:57)
• What do. You think about using earbuds for tracking? At least when it comes to bleeding, they are superior to most headphones? (2:14)
• When performing the car test should the EQ on the car stereo be sat flat or should it be left the way the driver has it set up? (3:30)
• What is the typical cost of having a track mastered? (5:02)
• Self-mastering a demo purely to bring it up to LUFS standard is this okay to do? (13:18)

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