Getting a Track Ready for Mastering | FAQ Friday

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➡️➡️Mixing Down a Multitrack For Mastering | FAQ Friday:
➡️➡️We cover the following questions during this episode of FAQ Friday!
• Do you ever listen to tracks, completely think through a mix and then execute it knowing exactly how it will turn out or do you start working and let the mix evolve and see where it takes you? (0:50)
• How do you deal with songs you’ve received for mixing that you don’t like or even can’t stand? Do you have methods for not bothering or simply refuse to mix? (4:39)
• Do you ever purposefully limit yourself in the studio regardless of the stuff you have available? If you do is the music better worse, or just different? (6:49)
• When mixing down a multitrack song recorded at 24bit/ 96khz, what is the best method to follow? (12:54)
• If Warren was just starting out and had less then $500 to spend on the best microphone he could find what would he choose? (14:04)

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