Avoiding Dull Vocals | FAQ Friday

Avoiding Dull vocals-1

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➡️➡️Questions Answered During Today’s FAQ Friday:
• Regarding Doubling Vocals, Are you Talking about Doubling The Track or Doubling the Performance? Do you ever have a vocalist sing over a comped track? (2:22)
• Sometimes write a song “As. I Go” So recrording parts that I like and then slowly building the whole song. Is this something you do as well or do you always write beforehand, record and maybe change some things afterwards? (3:33)
• How do you get rid of harsh “s” sounds when recording but not backing the artist ooff the mc to the point where they’re thin sounding? (8:35)
• Vocals I record are Always piercing in the +7K range. I notch and dress but the vocal ends up dull. Any tips? (12:26)
• Would you ever split the vocal signal to get an unaffected signal as well as one through a compressor, high passed, etc. (15:16)
• When you record vocal doubling or harmonies do you use the same mic or different Mics? (18:16)
• How do you compress a vocal that is too dynamic? Normal voice/scream/normal voice/ whisper ? (20:31)
• I’m working on some stuff where the vocals are obscuring the attack of the kick what to do? (24:40)

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