Teens Recording Van Halen’s “I’m The One” at Sunset Sound

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We’ve had such an incredible response to the recording that we did with the students from the Los Rios Rock School that we wanted to post another video today.  The kids did such and amazing job, with all the songs, and recording it live, the school and teachers had the students incredibly prepared and ready for a long day of recording. 

Sunset Sound was of course was amazing because they kept the original documentation from the making of Van Halen 1 and that allowed us to make the best possible recreation that we could with the students.   

Take a look back through some of our previous posts about the teens from Los Rios Rock School recording Van Halen 1.  We have videos of Will and Julia Playing “Eruption” here.  We have the whole band playing “Running with the Devil” here, including and explanation of the infamous car horn intro.  Finally we also have a walk through of the entire setup that we used to track Van Halen 1, as well as a video of “Atomic Punk” here.  

Here you can check out this video of the students playing and recording “I’m the One.”

Special thanks to the students!
Vocals: Dylan Dusablon
Backup Vocals: Sophie Martin
Backup Vocals: Will Weiss
Guitar Lead: Drew Gordnier
Bass: Ryan Poppenhagen
Drums: Thomas Lowrey

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