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In this week’s FAQ Friday we have a lot of very very wonderful questions including, “How much can climate control in your room affect your recording?”

The reality is, you don’t want to be in an incredibly dry room, obviously, but then you also don’t want to be in a room that is massively humid. If it’s super super dry, it’s not good for your instruments, and if it’s super humid, it’s also not good for your instruments.

If you’ve got guitars on the wall like I have, it is not a good thing to be in either of those extremes. Really heavily air conditioned, dry, zero humidity rooms are not good for instruments, and really really humid rooms are not good for instruments either. You need some kind of balance because they’re pieces of wood and they need to breathe. You don’t want them dried out to nothing, but at the same time, you don’t want the opposite. People often use light humidifiers when in rooms that have large guitar collections and then keep them at a really normal climate environment at a normal heating, don’t blast it either way. But let’s be brutally honest, who can afford to do that? Often, only guitar collectors who know exactly what temperature to keep their instruments at.

So, in your own studio you have to really be logical. If you are in a really humid environment, you need to be able to control that. If you are in a really dry environment, you need to be able to control that too. So the question would be: what kind of environment are you in? Are you in a desert community, and all your guitars are drying out? Are you in a really super humid community, and the opposite is happening? I would love to know the solutions here!

This is a great one to ask our community! What are you experiences? Are you in a dry area and using humidifiers or are you in a humid area and you are running AC more often? I think it’s important to have balance, but I want to know what your experiences are!

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  1. Christian Curtis says:

    Re climate: I’m moving to a beach in Yucatan. Hot, windy, salty, humid. Corrosion is a big deal. I think the wooden instruments will be fine with a little TLC. It’s the metal I’m worried about–cables, mics, circuitry, strings, my 1965 Rogers drums. You even have to be aware of condensation forming in your laptop if who walk out of the studio onto the veranda with it in 97F weather. I’d love to hear about others’ experiences in such climes.

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