Multitrack Sessions

Warren’s Custom Drum Samples:

Download the original drum samples I’ve used on many of my productions and mixes including Aerosmith, The Fray and many others.

I hope they help you to get fat and slamming drum sounds!

Drum Mic Placement

In this video, I show you how I mic the drum kit at my studio, Spitfire. It is a relatively small room similar to what you might find at many home studio setups. I use these miking techniques to get a nice tight drum sound in my room and then I add samples to get a huge drum sound if needed.

You can get great drum sounds at your home studio setup too!


Piano Miking Techniques

Piano is an extremely complex instrument and often can be one of the hardest things to record properly. In this video, I show some of my favorite ways to mic both a grand and upright piano. I use a variety of different microphones and positions.

You can download the audio files below to compare the different mics!

Sunset Sound Drum Setup

Here’s how I mic the drum kit when I’m recording at the legendary Sunset Sound.

It is one of the best sounding drum rooms I’ve ever recorded in and I love the live, roomy tones I can get with this setup.

Sunset Sound Studio 2 Tour

In this video, I give you a quick behind the scenes walkthrough of the legendary Sunset Sound Studio 2. I discuss the control room, live room, console, outboard gear, etc.

Additional Downloads
    • Hey Warren nice set of samples here. At first look the gun shoots seams weird to me … but …what is this for amazing trick to power the snare drum up! My god this is such a crazy idea to do that. Who came up with this trick? Was it you.
      Thanks so much for this. Not only the sample library which is fantastic, but also for you hard work to create this academy to help people like me. You and your whole academy is an awesome place in the internet. Thanks Warren

    • Fryfogle

      Thanks for the free downloads! Much appreciated!

      • Warren Huart

        Thanks @fryfogle:disqus!! You’re very welcome!! Have a marvellous new year!

    • Mixolydian

      Just joined the site having watched many of Warren’s videos on YouTube. A newbie building my home studio. This is absolutely marvellous. Thank you!

      • Warren Huart

        Thanks @disqus_Lv5MwKu9dn:disqus! By the way, great name! Best scale ever!! Thanks for being a part of the PLAP Community! Happy New Year!!

    • Felix Smittick

      Thank you for sharing your expertise with us neophytes.

      • Warren Huart

        Thank you @felixsmittick:disqus! This community exists because you are here supporting and learning! Thanks very much! Happy New Year!!

    • Winter

      Warren, thanks for your generosity. I’m having a ball mixing the sessions you shared (3 out of 9 in 3 days). An inspiring way to start the new year.

    • Emilio Descalzo

      Hey, Warren! I have finally joined after watching your streamings on facebook. Thank you for all the time and dedication you put into doing all the videos you share! The drum mic placement one is specially usefull for me. I’ve a question. What about that mic beside the rack tom? I suppose that is only for your voice, but in other videos some people put an omni to get more room. What do you think about it? Once again, thank you so much!