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Lewitt LCT 640 TS

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The Lewitt LCT 640 TS: Full Review

Lewitt recently gave me the LCT 640 TS to try out, so I took it to the legendary United Studios to record some music.
United is a fantastic studio with a lot of history (Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys and many more) and has a beautiful sounding and huge live room.
I spent the day there, tracking bass, upright bass, guitar, drums and vocals with some great musicians. We tried a wide variety of different micing techniques, which the LTC 640 TS lends itself to for various reasons. From YX configuration to Mid-side, direct micing and a lot more.

Watch the full version of my review here:


I was very impressed with this microphone. Not only does it provide an amazing and very balanced sound, and therefore lends itself to recording almost any instrument or sound-source. It also innovates the way we record music:

The LCT 640 TS records both sides of it's capsule simultaneously and independently, which allows you to capture stereo recordings or blend your room-sound with the main recording. – All in one microphone!
Because it’s only one capsule, the two tracks are perfectly in phase.

But that's not all: Lewitt have designed a plugin specifically for this microphone, which will allow you to change the polar pattern of the microphone in post production. With the "Polarizer" plugin you are able to blend the two channels whichever way you prefer, enhance room-sound and adjust the polar patters from cardioid to omni and figure 8.

This plugin gives you ultimate flexibility to shape your sound. You could probably spend weeks trying all of the different recording techniques, patterns and blends you can use with this microphone.

And you can start today! We're providing all of the recordings we captured at United as a free download.
You can listen to each of the track in detail, download the Polarizer plugin and play around with the different patterns and settings. 

This is an amazing opportunity to study what this microphone can do on some first-class recordings.

I hope you enjoyed this review and recording session. Please feel free to mix the song for yourself!

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Have a marvellous time recording and mixing,


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