Mixing in the Box

Follow multi-platinum engineer, Warren Huart as he takes on the song ‘Love Me I’m Rich’ by independent artist, Amanda Hardy.

Mixing Motörhead with Cameron Webb

Mixing Motörhead

Learn how Rock ’n’ Roll history was made: Grammy winning producer/ mixer Cameron Webb shows you how he mixed Motörhead’s latest release “Electricity”.

Mixing Rock Vol. 1

Discover how professional mixers, Warren Huart and David Glenn take on the song ‘Young & Restless’ by indie rock band, The Gallery.

Anatomy of a Mix with Bob Horn

Join multi-platinum mixers Bob Horn and Warren Huart as they take you over their shoulders for the song ‘Shoot You Down’ by the band, Little Empire.

Mixing Rock with Ulrich Wild

Ulrich Wild is one of Rock’s most in-demand mixers and he joins Pro Mix Academy to breakdown his process for the song ‘My Final Hour’ by Snakebite.

Anatomy of a Mix with Brad Wood

Smashing Pumpkins, Liz Phair, and Pete Yorn have trusted Brad Wood with their music and now you get to see his entire mixing process.

Mixing Singer/Songwriter

Professional mixers Warren Huart and David Glenn take on ‘Back When We Were We’ by singer/songwriter, Pete Mroz.

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